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With a little help from Mary Free Bed, Inkster couple battles back from COVID-19

When Charlunda and David Thompson celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in June, the Inkster couple will mark “a new beginning.”

“Together, we’re stronger,” Charlunda said.

The Thompsons are beginning the next phase in their journey of recovery from COVID-19, the novel coronavirus that’s sickened millions of people worldwide and killed thousands.

Charlunda, 45, a hospice nurse, and David, 42, a middle school math teacher, beat the virus. Char graduated May 6 from Mary Free Bed’s ReCOVery℠ Unit, and – after virtual physical therapy with Mary Free Bed’s Outpatient Services – David was able to pick her up.

Meet the Thompsons in this video:

The Thompsons’ journey captured the attention of the Detroit Free Press. Read that story here: COVID-19 nearly killed them both: A Michigan couple’s journey to hell and back.


Lashawn Gaines

Chalundra and David are two beautiful . And to hear their Testimony is absolutely awesome. They deserves a new beginning and I’m looking foward to their new journey in life. Praise God. God is good!! Happy Anniversary💕😊🙏🙏

Linda Davis

Hello David, I’m one of your dad’s childhood friends from El Dorado, Arkansas and one of his friend’s on Facebook, when I saw you and your wife’s story it so took me back to your dad’s and mine up bringing. We were both brought up in church and too see that he has took our upbringing to his Family brought joy to my heart. You and your wife are so blessed too both know about Jesus Christ and his love for us. I pray that you and her continue in his words and that he continues too bless your union. You two are truly two of his miracles. Much Love from Arkansas


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