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You’re Invited: Dedication Ceremony for “Rain,” 2009 ArtPrize Entry

On Monday, April 12, the Mary Free Bed Guild will hold a dedication ceremony for the sculpture Rain by artist Anna Donahue. The Guild bought and commissioned the piece to be bronzed after exhibiting it at the hospital for ArtPrize 2009.

Artist Anna Donahue and her family have ties that run deep with both art and Mary Free Bed.

Anna’s great grandfather’s cousin studied under Henri Matisse. Watching her father draw throughout her life inspired Anna, as well as her brother, to pursue art. Anna graduated from Montanta State University. In addition to her artistic pursuits, she also has an interior design business, AK Donahue Design.

Anna’s brother-in-law, Michael F. Donahue, is also an artist.  Multiple sclerosis brought Mike’s drawing and painting to an early end, but he’s since taken on computer graphic and is a graphic design expert. Mike’s pieces have been exhibited in Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital’s annual art exhibit for artists with disabilities. The hospital owns and displays three of Mike’s paintings.

Anna’s niece Emily, Mike’s daughter, was the model for Anna’s sculpture. Emily is a former Mary free Bed patient.

Rain is a life-size sculpture depicting a young women standing in the rain. One hand is holding a leaf filled with water and the other is lifted to touch her lips with a taste of the rain.

You’re invited to attend the dedication ceremony on the front lawn of the main hospital on Monday, April 12. Rick DeVos will speak at the event, followed by artist Anna Donahue and her niece Emily. Grand Rapids mayor, George Heartwell, will also be on hand. The dedication ceremony starts at 10 am; reception immediately following.

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