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Our Amputee Program Medical Director, Ben Bruinsma, MD, wants you and your family to know what to expect when you come to Mary Free Bed, saying: “In this entire process, you will not be alone. You’ll have a team of specialists that will help you get through this amputation and lead a fulfilling and rewarding life.”

Our ultimate goal is to help get you back to enjoying your life and independence. We know that happens with intense, acute rehabilitation in an optimistic and supportive environment. Everything about your Mary Free Bed experience – from the design of our private rooms, therapy gyms and social spaces, to your therapy schedule and our special services – is focused on restoring hope and getting you back to being you.

You’ll participate in approximately 3 hours of daily therapy at least 6 days a week. While you’ll have a customized care plan based on your goals, expect:

Amputee Support Grroups and More at Mary free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Grand Rapids Michigan Dec 2015Strength training with your physical therapists in a specialized gym located near your room
• Training with your occupational therapists on new ways to perform self-care and home management tasks from the level of a wheelchair or a walker
• Therapy sessions in an “apartment” on your floor where you’ll practice independent living tasks such as making a meal
• Planning sessions with your recreational therapists about how to keep doing the leisure activities you love

Your private room will be bright and cheerful, with amenities like a large bathroom, a 42-inch flat panel TV and surroundings engineered to provide peace and quiet. We’ve made it pleasant for your family to spend time with you while you’re here, whether they live nearby or have traveled from out of town. You’ll have a sleeper sofa in your room and complimentary washers and dryers are down the hall. Click to see 360-degree virtual tours of our specialized facilities.

Want a change of scenery? Invite your loved ones to meet you in the dayroom near the fireplace. Or enjoy a peaceful moment and a view of the city in one of our three-sided, glass-enclosed nooks. A rooftop terrace is open when weather permits.

When your inpatient stay is over, and you become a Mary Free Bed graduate, we have outpatient programs and follow-up physician care in our clinic services. Our Orthotics & Prosthetics + Bionics specialists and services will be available to serve you as long as you need them. We can even connect you with amputee support groups, if you’d like to talk with someone who truly understands your experience.