An orthosis is a brace that can support your spine or a disabled or weakened limb. Pedorthics are specifically designed to improve your foot and ankle function.
Orthoses can help temporarily or long term to ease pain, assist or limit movement, help rehabilitation, correct function and shape or guide movement.
After a comprehensive evaluation, your clinician will oversee preparation of your orthosis and teach you how to safely use it. We have an extensive on-site lab staffed with expert technicians.

Devices include:

  1. Ankle-Foot orthoses (AFO)
  2. Burn masks
  3. Cervical collars
  4. Cranial remolding helmets
  5. Diabetic shoes
  6. Fracture orthoses
  7. Foot orthotics
  8. Foot inserts and custom shoes
  9. Halos
  10. Hip orthoses
  11. Knee orthoses
  12. Knee-Ankle-Foot orthoses (KAFO)
  13. Reciprocating Gait orthoses (RGO)
  14. Spinal and cervical orthoses
  15. Sports braces
  16. Wrist-hand orthoses
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