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Expect optimism, skill and imagination when you come to Mary Free Bed. Members of your Brain Injury Team understand how difficult it is to have your life turned upside down by an accident or illness. That’s why they go the extra mile to create rehabilitation personalized to you and where you are in your recovery from brain injury.

While a trying circumstance brings you to us, we want your Mary Free Bed experience to be uplifting and successful. Our state-of-the-art building has been carefully designed to support you during your stay.

We offer at least three hours of therapy, spaced over the entire day, five or more days a week. There are dedicated gyms located on your floor where you have therapy to improve your strength and fine motor skills. And if you need it, there is extensive ceiling-mounted technology to help you practice walking if you’re having balance problems. Speech-language pathologists help you improve your thinking and communication skills.

There’s a small apartment for you to work on your daily living skills. We even have a car, gas pump, ATM machine and a simulated grocery to help you prepare to go home.

You’ll have a bright and cheerful private room with a large bathroom, sleeper sofa and 42-inch flat-panel television. At the end of each floor are windowed areas with seating so you can enjoy city views. There are also multiple “destination locations” throughout the building, including a solarium with two-sided fireplace and a rooftop terrace so you have spaces to enjoy when your family and friends visit. Complimentary washers and dryers are on each floor. Click to see 360-degree virtual tours of our specialized facilities.

Diane Kimoto doesn’t remember much about her journey to Mary Free Bed, but she talks with enthusiasm about her time here and her hopes for the future. Diane, a university instructor, didn’t know she had a brain aneurysm until it ruptured while she was teaching. Subsequently, she rehabilitated in Mary Free Bed’s Brain Injury Program. “My speech, my animation, all of it came back,” Diane says. “I wanted my life back and Mary Free Bed gave it to me.”

We’ll help you regain as much independence as possible and find ways to successfully work around any challenges you have. When your inpatient stay is over, you can continue receiving therapy through our outpatient program here at the hospital or in your own home and community. From driver rehabilitation and adaptive sports opportunities to a follow-up brain injury clinic, we’ll be here for you for as long as you need us. This continuum of care is unique to Mary Free Bed.


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