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Mary Free Bed Betty Bloomer Ford Cancer Rehabiltiation Program addressess all types of cancer therapyAs your rehabilitation progresses, we’ll celebrate the big and small successes in your recovery. You’ll work with the same cancer rehabilitation team of physicians, nurses and therapists during your inpatient stay. We offer at least three hours of combined therapy daily for five or more days a week. Your therapy will be paced over the entire day and include targeted therapy to improve your strength and balance, thinking and communication skills and your ability to perform daily tasks and leisure activities.

Our goal is to help you achieve maximum independence and quality of life. A variety of specialized technology and rehabilitation equipment is available, including a therapeutic pool with parallel bars to work on balance, flexibility and strength. We even have a simulated grocery store, ATM machine, gas pump and car to help you get ready to go home.

Dedicated gyms are located on your floor where you’ll have therapy to improve your strength and fine motor skills. If balance is a concern, our ambulation systems will allow you to safely practice walking while being comfortably secured in a ceiling-mounted harness. Speech-language pathologists will help you improve your thinking and communication skills. A small, simulated apartment will give you the opportunity to work on your daily living skills.

You’ll have a bright and cheerful private room with a large bathroom, sleeper sofa and 42-inch flat panel television. At the end of each floor are windowed areas with seating so you can enjoy city views. Multiple “destination locations” throughout the building include a solarium with a two-sided fireplace and a rooftop terrace so you can have spaces to enjoy when your family and friends visit. Complimentary washers and dryers are on each floor. Click to see 360-degree virtual tours of our specialized facilities.

We also can connect you with other cancer patients who received rehabilitation with us. They truly empathize with your situation and are often able to offer helpful insights. Community organizations, such as Gilda’s Club, provide beneficial support programs for patients with all types of cancer.

When your inpatient stay is over and you become a Mary Free Bed “graduate,” we also provide outpatient cancer rehabilitation therapy. We’ll be here to offer continued follow-up services for as long as you need us.

A year after her mastectomy, Former First Lady Betty Ford addressed the American Cancer Society and said, “The best doctors in the world cannot cure the spirit. Only love and understanding can accomplish this important role.” At Mary Free Bed, expect to find love, understanding and amazing doctors and staff.