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Deconditioning Physical Rehabilitation Hospitals in MichiganHas an extended hospital stay, surgery or lengthy illness left you in a weakened state?

Our rehabilitation experts can help you regain strength, mobility and independence. Using the latest rehabilitation technology and techniques, our doctors, nurses and therapists will help you get back on the path to independent living and fully enjoying your life.

From the young man who spent a week in a diabetic coma to the elderly woman recovering from an extended stay in the hospital due to a cardiac condition, we get our patients up and moving. Not only do we treat the physical, mental, emotional and social aspects of your condition, but we also work with your family members so they can help you, too.

And while we can’t promise you’ll recover fully and completely during your inpatient stay here, we pledge to do everything we can to help you maximize your potential.

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Why Mary Free Bed?

Every day, our doctors, nurses and therapists work with people who are in a weakened state due to illness or injury, just like you.

Deconditioning Program at Mary Free Bed - Physical Rehabilitation Hospitals in US• We are one of the largest physical rehabilitation hospitals in the nation. With 125 years in the community, Mary Free Bed offers a breadth and depth of services found nowhere else in the region.

• Many of our registered nurses have additional certification in rehabilitation nursing.

• 99% of our patients are satisfied or highly satisfied with Mary Free Bed’s care and support.

• Our holistic approach means we’ll address your emotional and psychological needs, as well as practical considerations and community reintegration. We also provide support and education for family and friends affected by your injury or condition so they can participate meaningfully in your recovery.

Mary Free Bed offers a full continuum of care, meaning once you leave inpatient care, you’ll have the option of receiving additional care as an outpatient if and when you need it.

Ask for a referral or call us directly: 616.840.8790
Email: admissionscoordinators@maryfreebed.com

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