Nursing Student Education

Welcome to the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital Student and Instructor Portal!

STEP 1: Onboarding Information

In preparation for your clinical rotation, you must complete the onboarding process at least three weeks before your start date. Complete this for each clinical rotation, even if you’ve been a prior student or instructor at Mary Free Bed. All students and instructors MUST be cleared by the Medical Education Department prior to the start date. Once you are cleared, proceed to Step 2.

Use the following link to access the student onboarding website:

Complete the required Epic Training titled “Epic – Online Training Inpatient Students”. To access this required training please use the following link:

  • Click the Login button at the top, right of the screen.
  • Click “Sign Up” and complete all required information to create your account.
  • Once you have created your account, click the navigation menu in the right corner, then click “Catalog”.
  • You will see Epic Online Training courses. Please only complete the course listed above. Add the assigned training to your cart and proceed to checkout.

***Ask your instructor for the coupon code to purchase the course for $5.00.

Once you have completed the Epic Online Training course you will receive a certificate of completion. You will need to upload this certificate to the VSys website listed above.

Please email with questions or concerns relating to this process.

STEP 2: Orientation Pre-Reads

Review the below listed content prior to your first day at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. Once you have read the information, proceed to Step 3.

Things to Know For Students and Instructors
Etiquette Tips for Patients with Disabilities
Pediatric Clinicals (only for pediatric students)
Leadership Clinicals (only for leadership students)
Common Abbreviations (available as reference, not mandatory)

Please email with questions or concerns relating to the orientation process.

STEP 3: Scheduling Orientation

Orientation to the hospital and nursing unit must be completed prior to or as part of the first clinical day.  Please reach out to schedule orientation at least two weeks prior to the clinical start date.

  • Group clinical orientation will be scheduled by the nursing instructor. Orientation will be one to two hours based on size and clinical type and consist of classroom time and tour.
  • Leadership student orientation will be scheduled by the individual student. Orientation will be approximately one hour and consist of classroom time and tour.
  • Instructor orientation for instructors who will be onsite with student groups will be scheduled by the nursing instructor. This must be completed before you bring students for their first clinical rotation. Instructor orientation does not need to redone, unless there was greater than 1 year in between clinicals. Orientation will be one hour classroom time followed by unit shadow for a total of four to eight hours. Your nurse preceptor will verify competence at the end of your shadow.
  • Instructor orientation for leadership students is not required. If you meet onsite with your leadership students, please enter the building through the West Addition entrance.

Please email to schedule the orientation once Step 1 and Step 2 are complete.

Step 4: Post-Clinical Survey

After completion of your clinical rotation, please click here to complete the Student and Instructor Survey.

Please email with questions or concerns relating to the orientation process.