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Sports are a great way to stay healthy while doing something you love. Sometimes, sports and other physical activities can lead to injuries. From concussions to sprains, the experts at Mary Free Bed are able to provide the sports rehabilitation and support you need to get back in the game. Below are several outpatient programs that may be beneficial for you.


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Athletic Bracing

Wearing a brace while participating in sports can help protect your health, prevent injury and allow you to maintain the active lifestyle you enjoy. We’ll help you find the most appropriate option, whether you require a custom creation or a basic off-the-shelf brace. Many of these sports braces are covered by your insurance. We offer a wide variety of braces, with everything from knee, foot and ankle, to wrist, elbow and shoulder – even face fracture masks.

Orthopedic Rehab

From hamstring tears to ankle sprains, sport-related injuries can be par for the course for amateur and serious athletes alike. Mary Free Bed’s Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program has the staff and equipment to help you rebuild your strength after you’re sidelined with injury.

Our orthopedic rehabilitation team understands what it takes to compete in athletics and the training that’s involved. Among the Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program staff are two marathoners, a NCAA-level national champion swimmer, an Ironman triathlete and a tennis pro. We understand your goals and struggles, and we know how to get you back into shape. We can accelerate your rehabilitation with our combination of expertise and equipment that provide you with heavy resistance training and pool therapy.

The Pain Center

When pain is a constant part of your life, it can prevent you from participating in the activities you enjoy most. If the pain you’re experiencing is keeping you from playing the sports you love, or if it’s preventing you from doing your best in the game, a team of specialists at Mary Free Bed’s Pain Center can help. We offer a number of services to help you reduce and manage your pain, and return to your active lifestyle.

Performance Excellence Center

Injury is a common and unfortunate reality in sports. At its worst, injuries end a career or cost you the season. At best, you may miss games, valuable practice time or try to perform while in pain and discomfort. Our goal at the Performance Excellence Center is to help you heal from your injury and become a better competitor in the process.

At the Mary Free Bed Performance Excellence Center, we view injury as another athletic challenge. Dr. Eddie O’Connor helps athletes like you approach rehabilitation with the same mental toughness with which you compete.

We will help you to:

• Increase your motivation for rehabilitation
• Maximize your body’s ability to heal
• Increase your pain tolerance
• Return to play with confidence
• Develop your mental game while your body recovers, so you come back better than you were before

Transferring these mental toughness skills from sports to rehabilitation will help you recover more quickly and completely.

Sports Concussion

Sports concussions are common – but serious – injuries for athletes. If you have a concussion and your symptoms last longer than one week, the Mary Free Bed Sports Concussion Program in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is here to help you recover.

Our program experts offer specialized evaluations to educate your family, coach and athletic trainer, and give them more information about the effects of your concussion. The evaluation also helps you with symptom management, injury recovery and includes specific recommendations on how to safely return to your sports activities.