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Playing tag with your grandkids. Driving to work in the morning. Changing into your pajamas at night. Things that came as second nature can suddenly seem challenging when you or a loved one has experienced a stroke.

At Mary Free Bed, our goal is to get you back to those daily moments that enrich your life. We want to do that as quickly and comfortably as possible. A stroke can be an isolating experience, but you won’t ever have to feel alone on your journey to recovery.

Rehabilitation After Stroke at Mary Free Bed Rehabiltiation HospitalWhen you choose the Mary Free Bed Stroke Program, you and your family gain a knowledgeable network of support, starting with your stroke team, a group of highly specialized professionals who’ll care for you as if you’re family.

Those on your rehabilitation team deal extensively with the effects of a stroke, so they understand the unique physical and emotional challenges of recovery. We know there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, and we’ll tailor your treatment to your personal needs, abilities and goals. Our whole-person approach means you’re better situated to regain as much function as possible. It’s about getting you back to you.

We offer outpatient therapy and follow-up clinics for stroke survivors. 

Please click here to learn about our services for children and teens who’ve experienced a stroke.

Why Mary Free Bed?

You have a right to choose where you’ll receive acute rehabilitation after a stroke. The best outcomes after stroke occur with early, intense treatment, like what you’ll find at Mary Free Bed. Each year, our Stroke Program treats patients of all ages. Our program exceeds national benchmarks for the number of patients able to return home or to a homelike setting, and 99% of our patients would likely recommend our care to a friend or family member.

We are a rehabilitation leader and have a rich history in the West Michigan community, serving patients for more than 125 years. Though we’re steeped in tradition, we stay on the cutting edge of rehabilitative technology and techniques. Our advanced on-site stroke treatment includes:

Inpatient therapy after stroke at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital new hospital• The ZeroG complete gait and balance training system
• Therapeutic pools
• Neuromuscular re-education
• LokomatPro robot-assisted technology to relearn walking patterns
• ArmeoSpring computer-assisted technology to promote upper body function
Vision therapy services
• Treatment for swallowing disorders

Our holistic approach means we go beyond physical healing to address your emotional and psychological needs. We’ll teach you practical ways to perform daily activities, like learning to drive again and reintegrating into the community. Our Stroke Mentor Program and Stroke Support Group provide you opportunities to talk things out with people who truly understand your situation. We also provide support and education for family and friends affected by your stroke so they can feel comfortable about your future and participate meaningfully in your recovery.

Mary Free Bed offers a full scope of services. Once you leave our inpatient program, you’ll have the opportunity to receive additional care if and when you need it, including through our outpatient and clinic services.

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Ask for a referral or call us directly: 616.840.8790
Email: admissionscoordinators@maryfreebed.com


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