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Mary Free Bed offers services to support every stage of recovery after an injury, illness, surgery or debilitating condition. We’re available for everything from a short course of treatment or a lifetime of care.

We can help determine which level of care is most appropriate for your needs and will coordinate the admissions process to ensure you have a positive experience.

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Inpatient Rehabilitation

People with traumatic injuries or conditions often need specialized, continued medical care after they’ve been discharged from an acute-care hospital. If this is your situation, your physician may recommend intensive rehabilitation in a hospital setting. Research shows the sooner you begin vigorous rehabilitation, the better and faster your recovery.

A team of rehabilitation clinicians who specialize in your diagnosis will work with you and your family to develop a care plan that meets your goals. This specialization leads to excellent patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Here’s what to expect:
• You’ll have daily physician visits and work with team of specialists for at least three hours a day, five days a week. The duration, frequency and intensity depend on your individual circumstances.
• Your personalized plan may include physical, occupational, speech-language and recreational therapies to help you achieve your highest level of independence.
• Loved ones are part of your team, so they’ll be encouraged to participate in your therapy.

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Sub-Acute Rehabilitation

Sub-acute rehabilitation is short-term inpatient rehabilitation. At Mary Free Bed, it’s customized, comprehensive and coordinated to help you recover quickly from an illness, injury or surgery. Our program’s multidisciplinary team coordinates a less intense level of rehabilitation, offering skilled nursing and rehabilitation to adults of all ages with many conditions.

Most sub-acute rehabilitation programs in Michigan are in nursing homes or retirement communities. You’ll find our program on the fifth floor of Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Grand Rapids in an environment designed to promote healing in a peaceful atmosphere.

You’ll receive at least one hour of daily therapy up to seven days a week with access to the same specialized services.

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Outpatient Rehabilitation

Mary Free Bed’s outpatient programs and services provide specialized rehabilitation for people with a variety of conditions, from traumatic injuries and chronic pain to visual impairment and sports-related mishaps.

If you’ve graduated from an inpatient program and are ready to transition to outpatient care, we’ll help you continue your rehabilitation journey. We also offer short courses of care for people who need focused therapy.

Each program includes levels of care that ensure improved outcomes at every stage of recovery. We’ll help determine which level of care is most appropriate for your needs.

  • Specialty clinics. Mary Free Bed physiatrists lead multidisciplinary teams to treat patients with ALS, amputation, brain injuries or post-concussion, spasticity, spinal cord injuries and stroke. The duration, frequency and intensity of therapy will depend on your individual circumstances and will change as your condition improves.
  • Day Rehabilitation. This multidisciplinary program is designed for people who require intensive rehabilitation in an outpatient setting. Therapies are coordinated in four-hour sessions, two to five days each week.

Mary Free Bed’s main campus in Grand Rapids features an Outpatient Therapy Center, Musculoskeletal Clinic, Pain Rehabilitation and Spine Center, as well as programs and technological services that aren’t available anywhere else in our region.

Our specialized therapies and services also are offered at outpatient locations throughout Michigan and northern Indiana.

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Rehabilitation at Home

Home and Community

Our Home and Community program offers the flexibility for adults and children to receive therapy in your home and in the community. A customized treatment plan will help you make adaptations and return to everyday routines such as cooking and shopping.

Call 616.840.8005 or 800.668.6001.

Mary Free Bed at Home

As a Medicare-certified home health provider, Mary Free Bed at Home provides customized, in-home nursing care and therapy services for adults. Advanced telehealth monitoring, a mobile alert system with 24-hour access to a nurse and specialized programs also are available.

Ask your doctor for a referral, or give us a call.

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