Aches, Pains + Strains

No matter where it hurts, we can help.

Can’t turn your neck after a poor night’s sleep? Recovering from knee surgery? You’re not alone.
One in two Americans has an injury or disorder that limits their ability to move.

The good news? Mary Free Bed has the expertise to relieve your pain and get you moving.

Outpatient Therapy


What hurts?

When it hurts to move, it’s not fun. You may have temporary symptoms from an injury or surgery. Or you may be experiencing long-lasting discomfort caused by things such as overuse, poor posture and other conditions.

How can we help?

We offer a range of rehabilitation to get you back to your best life. Our physicians and therapists specialize in physical medicine and have access to the latest tools and technology to put you on the path to recovery.

We’ll listen to your story, assess your abilities and work with you to create treatment plan to relieve pain, gain mobility and improve your muscle strength.

Spine Center

Our clinicians are specially trained in conditions that affect the spine. They focus on treatment and prevention of future problems and work with you to maximize function and reduce pain without surgery.

Hand Therapy

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

A coordinated team of specialists can treat the bone, joint or muscle pain you’re experiencing from surgery, an injury or another condition. We also offer a Hand Therapy Program.

Clementine with therapist Jacob Miller

Physical Therapy

In locations throughout the state, our physical therapists treat conditions that affect your muscles, joints, tendons, nerves, bones and spinal discs. Aquatic and occupational therapies also are available.

Pain Clinic

Chronic Pain

Mary Free Bed’s Pain Rehabilitation Program helps if you’ve been suffering from long-term pain. Frequently treated conditions include fatigue, fibromyalgia, headaches or migraines as well as pain from bone, muscle and tendon conditions.

Sports Performance Lab

Sports Rehabilitation

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or weekend warrior, our team can get you back on track safely and effectively after an injury or surgery.


Mary Free Bits

Have a minute? We created a series of short videos to help you improve your back and neck pain right in your home. Our clinicians share simple exercises and body mechanics tips.