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No matter where it hurts,

we can help.

Mary Free Bed physiatrists specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Our expert teams and therapy environments are equipped with the latest tools and technology to put you on the path to recovery.

No matter where it hurts, we’ll create a treatment plan to relieve pain, gain mobility and improve your muscle strength.

Conditions We Treat

Get the support you need to feel your best. Whether it’s temporary symptoms or long-lasting discomfort, we’re here to help you bounce back from the pain.


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Get back to your best life.

Spine Center

Our clinicians are specially trained in conditions that affect the spine. They focus on treatment and prevention of future problems and work with you to maximize function and reduce pain without surgery.

Hand Therapy

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Get expert support in alleviating bone, joint or muscle pain resulting from surgery, injury or another condition. We also offer a Hand Therapy Program.

Clementine with therapist Jacob Miller

Physical Therapy

Specialized physical therapists treat conditions that affect your muscles, joints, tendons, nerves, bones and spinal discs.

Pain Clinic

Chronic Pain

Suffering from chronic pain? Our team has extensive experience treating conditions like fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraines and pain resulting from bone, muscle and tendon conditions.

Mary Free Bed Sports Rehab at YMCA

Sports Rehabilitation

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or weekend warrior, our team can get you back on track safely and effectively after an injury or surgery.

Sports Concussion

We treat both adults and kids in our Sports Concussion Program. We’ll get you scheduled quickly, so you’re promptly assessed and treated after a traumatic brain injury.

Mary Free Bed Pelvic and Abdominal Rehabilitation examination

Pelvic Abdominal Rehabilitation

Our team specializes in compassionate care, diagnosis, and treatment of abdominal and pelvic pain or dysfunction. We treat men and women of all ages.

Mary Free Bed Aquatic Therapy Pool

Aquatic Therapy

Dive into aquatic physical therapy and start off strong! Water buoyancy allows you to handle exercise and fitness, with ease. It’s a great therapy option for people with most types of injuries and conditions.

Mary Free Bed Patient RJ Meyler Return to Work Family Zoo Outing

Return to Work

Regain functionality and independence. Our passionate team focuses on providing quality care and support to get you back to work and the activities you love.

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Check out Mary Free Bits – a series designed to help you improve your back and neck pain. Get quick, easy at-home exercises and tips from our clinicians.

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