For some, independence comes by way of the driver’s seat. Our Driver Rehabilitation Program is a specialized service to evaluate your skills and road readiness. We help you identify and implement adaptive tools and vehicle modifications that can help you to safely get behind the wheel.

Specialized services are selected based on your physician’s recommendation and your own needs. Safety is the top concern, whether you’re a mature driver in need of an assessment after experiencing vision problems, or a new driver who can’t complete a traditional drivers’ education course because of a disability. We also work closely with those who’ve experienced stroke, traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury to provide assessment and, when appropriate, training.

You also may learn how to drive modified vehicles through our full-service program. We can guide you through the process of obtaining your own modified vehicle and let you test drive a variety of driving systems. We’ll even modify a vehicle specifically for your training. We also can provide detailed information about adaptive equipment, costs and maintenance.

As part of our Driver Rehabilitation Program, you’ll be matched with a group of experts to provide you a high level of attention and maximize your results. A Mary Free Bed occupational therapist may conduct a clinical evaluation to assess things like your vision and motor function. Your occupational therapist also provides insight into your strengths and any potential problem areas that could affect your ability to safely drive.

Your driver rehabilitation specialist will assess your driving skills in a variety of traffic situations during the functional driving evaluation. This professional also will review your medical history, driver’s license status and driving history to gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors that affect your ability to return to the road.