Posted on March 25, 2019

Search for support on wellness journey leads Michelle to Weight Management Program

Michelle Shedd joined the Mary Free Bed Weight Management Program to find the support and accountability she needed on her “journey to lasting wellness.”

“My body was in protest,” Michelle said. “My joints were surrendering and screaming in pain with all the extra weight I was carrying around.”

Michelle shares her experience here:

Why did you join the
Weight Management Program?
I learned about it from a specialist I was referred to for my knee pain. Although X-rays showed my knee was worn down, he explained that losing weight would be of great benefit and reduce the amount of pressure on the joints. He offered me information on several weight loss programs. I chose Mary Free Bed, because I was familiar with its physical therapy services. It only made sense to take a holistic approach to mending my body. Then my journey to lasting wellness started.

What have you learned?
This program has taught me how to listen to my body. I worked closely with a dietitian, exercise physiologist, physician and a psychologist. I’ll call this a “four-prong” approach that supported me through all the changes. This team guided me in every aspect and has walked with me throughout my journey.

I’ve also learned how to create and maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle that was individualized for ME and MY body’s needs. I learned more about my body’s cues and how to respond to them. I learned that I deserve to feel better in my aging body and that progress is more important than perfection. Ultimately, I learned my goals are very attainable.

Would you recommend the program and why?
The team provides a wealth of knowledge and is a source of support and encouragement. I have been able to walk farther without much pain and sleep deeper, which helps me feel fully rested. I highly recommend this program to anyone – your life depends on you, and you can count on this team to help you get there.

New classes begin soon. For more information or to sign up, call 616.840.8908.