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When The Feet Hit The Ground…Running

Running Injury Management

This running-injury management and prevention course is a two-day, 15-contact hour physical therapy continuing education seminar (15 CEUs) focused on getting the therapist up to speed on common running terms, running biomechanics and assessment of the runner from head to toe. Click here for details and to register. Mary Free Bed employees should register through…

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Golf a pain in your back? A poor backswing might be the culprit

Guest blog: Robyn Smith is a board-certified sports physical therapist in Mary Free Bed’s Sports Rehabilitation Program. She facilitates Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) physical assessments to help elite and amateur golfers avoid injury while advancing to the next level of play. For questions or more information regarding golf physical assessments, email robyn.smith@maryfreebed.com. In this blog, Robyn offers…

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