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Contact Us buttonEvery 23 seconds, someone in the United States sustains a head injury. Because our brain injury experts treat hundreds of people each year, we understand that brain injuries are as unique as the patients who have them.

Just ask Mary Free Bed CEO, Kent Riddle. In July 2002, prior to joining Mary Free Bed, Kent was driving with family members when they were hit by a drunk driver. The accident left Kent’s wife Susan comatose for two weeks with a traumatic brain injury. Friends encouraged Kent to choose Mary Free Bed for Susan’s rehabilitation.

Brain Injury Recovery at Mary Free BedWhen Susan arrived, she didn’t recognize herself or her family. After 6 weeks of intensive rehabilitation, Susan’s memory re-ignited. One week later, she returned home to Kent and their 4 children. Today, Susan runs the Riddle household, is an active member of the Mary Free Bed Guild and visits brain injury patients to encourage them as they recover.

“The acute care hospital saved my wife’s life, but Mary Free Bed is the reason Susan is back with us today,” Kent says. “At the time, I remember thinking, ‘I’ll do anything I can to help bring this level of comprehensive rehabilitation to all who can benefit from it’.”

True to his word, Kent joined the Mary Free Bed Board of Trustees shortly after the accident and was invited to be CEO in 2011.

What makes our Brain Injury Team exceptional is its focus and its experience in brain injury recovery. Our clinicians work exclusively with patients who have traumatic brain injuries, approximately 300 each year. While we can’t promise you’ll completely recover during your inpatient stay, we pledge to do everything we can to help maximize your potential.

Traveling to Mary Free Bed from outside of West Michigan? Our admissions liaisons are happy to provide you with helpful information about the many comfortable and affordable local lodging options available – including the on-campus inn at Mary Free Bed. Ample free parking is available on our easy-to-navigate downtown campus. We also offer free valet parking for patients and visitors arriving at our inpatient building.

We offer outpatient therapy and follow-up clinics for graduates of our Brain Injury Program and patients who have been referred to us by other care providers. 

Please click here to learn about our services for children and teens who have experienced a brain injury. 

Why Mary Free Bed?

It’s your right to choose where you receive rehabilitation services. Why “Ask for Mary?”

Brain Injury Rehabilitation at Mary Free Bed Osman• Our Brain Injury Team of experienced doctors, nurses, therapists and other clinicians exclusively treat patients with traumatic brain injuries. We’re the only organization in Michigan with that level of specialization.

• The track records of patient success and satisfaction speak for themselves: 99% of our patients are satisfied or highly satisfied with Mary Free Bed’s care and support.

• We have comprehensive and specialty services on site if you need them now or in the future, including inpatient and outpatient services as well as a home and community program.

• We invite your physicians to continue participating in your care at Mary Free Bed.

Our Brain Injury Program is endorsed by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) International. This voluntary but rigorous accreditation process is based on a comprehensive set of standards for quality care and patient satisfaction. Many of our nurses and therapists are Certified Brain Injury Specialists. Plus, some registered nurses have additional certification in rehabilitation nursing.

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