Posted on April 25, 2016

Abigail Kopf’s recovery: ‘To see where she is today is amazing’

Abigail Kopf, the Battle Creek teen critically injured in the Feb. 20 mass shootings in Kalamazoo, graduated April 20 from Mary Free Bed after 6 weeks of intensive inpatient treatment.

Since her admission to Mary Free Bed on March 8, Abigail has made significant strides in her recovery from a gunshot wound to the head.

“Abbie has done great,” said her mother, Vickie Kopf. “To see where she is today is amazing.”

Abbie’s treatment team at Mary Free Bed was led by Dr. A.J. Rush, a board-certified pediatric physiatrist, and included occupational, physical and recreational therapists, speech-language pathologists, medical social workers, registered dieticians and psychologists.

“She has made remarkable progress,” Rush said. “Abigail is talking and can walk without assistive devices or orthotics, although someone must be close by. She also can accomplish many tasks associated with daily living, including feeding herself, as well as assisting with other aspects of self-care such as dressing and hygiene.”

The next stage of her recovery will include continued outpatient rehabilitation and surgery to repair her skull.

“I expect Abbie will continue to improve with intensive outpatient therapy,” said Rush, who will continue to oversee her care.

Abigail’s parents, Gene and Vickie Kopf, wish to thank family, friends and well-wishers worldwide for their continued thoughts, prayers and support.

Watch the video below to learn more about Abigail’s journey to recovery.