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Restoring hope and freedom through rehabilitation.

To be a national leader in high-value rehabilitation and post-acute care and to develop an integrated system of care throughout the Midwest.

In order to restore hope and freedom, we’ll:

  • Work collaboratively
  • Innovate to offer unique possibilities
  • Be truthful and respectful
  • Heal with our hands and treat with our hearts
  • Approach our work with joy

Mary Free Bed Diversity Vision
Diversity is all of the ways we differ individually, interpersonally and organizationally. Understanding diversity involves the recognition of cultural and other differences and traditions by identifying and empathizing with differing beliefs and behaviors. Mary Free Bed will use the strength of these differences to improve services to its community.

Mary Free Bed values diversity among the patients, families and communities it serves. Creativity and sensitivity to individual needs and differences are valued.

Mary Free Bed values diversity among its staff. Staff who share our organizational values are recruited from all areas of the workforce. Mary Free Bed fosters an environment that embraces differences by enhancing the staff’s knowledge and experience. Our staff will serve all patients, families and each other with dignity and respect.