Consistent with statements from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and the Association for Academic Physiatry Program Director’s group, Mary Free Bed will be conducting virtual residency interviews for the upcoming interview season.

Our program will follow guidelines from the Association for Academic Physiatry (AAP) and the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) for recommendations regarding interview invitations, and our commitment to transparency in the application process can be found below.

Staff resident physicians in action in resident room

Our Commitment to Transparency

In the Mary Free Bed PM&R Residency application process, we:

  • Complete a holistic review of all applications received, without filters.
  • Review and consider every application we receive.
  • Offer the same number of interview invitations as we have interview slots.
  • Select wait list applicants once interviews are filled.
  • Notify applicants who will not receive an interview or wait list position.
  • Invite applicants off the wait list on a rolling basis, providing as much advance notice as possible.
  • Notify any remaining wait list applicants at the conclusion of our interview season.

Interview Process: What to Expect


All interviews take place on a virtual web conferencing platform.


We offer eight interview days, with eight residency candidates interviewed per day. We interview 64 candidates in total.

Each interview day has a morning and an afternoon session. Applicants can select from available dates and times – there is no difference in the interview process from the morning to the afternoon.

Interview sessions will begin with a brief overview of the program by the Program Director and/or Associate Program Director, a short Q&A session, and an introductory activity.


Mary Free Bed utilizes a semi-structured interview process, with the goal of getting to know you as an individual, moving beyond your application. All interviewers have completed unconscious bias training prior to their participation as an interviewer.

Candidates rotate through a series of four interviews, each being approximately 20 minutes in length. The interview session lasts around 3 hours.

Post-Interview Communication

We know medical students are busy. There is no expectation of post-interview communication.

We encourage applicants to reach out if they have any questions, or request additional clarification, but a lack of post-interview communication will not be looked upon negatively by our program.

Interviewed candidates will receive the contact information of their interviewers should they have any questions or request additional clarification as the interview season progresses.