“Mentors help shape the physiatrists that we will become, and the importance of strong mentorship is well recognized in our program.” 

– Adam Lamm, M.D., Associate Program Director, PM&R Residency Program

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Mentorship Pairings

Our PGY-2 residents are paired with volunteer faculty mentors, who are selected as mentors based on their strengths in teaching, relationship building, and vision.

Pairings are based on potential future interests. If a resident is unsure about their career path, they’ll be paired with a mentor who has mutual interests outside of the hospital.


What to Expect

All residents meet with their mentor at least quarterly, with a rotating set of discussion topics based on several themes including goal setting and vision, career aspirations and wellness. Mentors also help residents in taking next steps – such as fellowship applications and job searching.


Portfolio Development

Our mentors work to help residents build a portfolio showcasing their talents, abilities, academic successes, areas for further skill and knowledge development, and progress toward scholarly work and quality improvement.

It’s inspired by frameworks for academic faculty promotion, to help our residents build the skills and habits necessary for success in academic practice and beyond.